The Implementation Process is Key

Mobilisation & Implementation

Uniserve have undertaken implementations for several household names in recent years. We strongly believe that the team who will ultimately deliver our services, should also be the team that forms the backbone of our implementation. This ensures that the knowledge, insight, experience, and relationships that are formed during this crucial phase continue, and are not lost to the client or us.

However it is recognised that other specialised resources are also needed during any change management process. Therefore we assign a named project manager to the client’s nominated team during the implementation.

Approach to Implementation

Our experienced Global Trade team adopts a phased project methodology that is aligned with the principals of Prince2™. This is based around providing a structured framework in which to operate within, whilst keeping the process as simple as possible. This approach has been successfully proven to deliver a controlled and low risk transition from a current incumbent service provider to Uniserve.

Key features of our approach to managing implementations are:


  • A proven methodology applied consistently across all geographies
  • Specialized resource supporting our customers Global Trade Team
  • A phased implementation plan that is tailored to our customers service requirements
  • A culture of strong and honest communication with all our customers and Uniserve’s stakeholders

De-Risking Change

Uniserve operate within its project management methodology a risk of change scorecard. This allows us to calculate risks and consequently plan for these. This ensures service continuity but also ensures there is no damage to reputation and credibility.

In addition, a senior board resource from Uniserve is core to managing the change, which ensures that any investment required is immediately deployed.

Project Management Framework

Uniserve use an much tested framework when managing change programs. We use One-World to project plan and manage the implementation process. Utilising our workflow management module, that operates on an event and action driven platform, we can deliver the plan as required. Since this is a cloud based system, and is driven by exception reporting, all key stakeholders maintain visibility and control throughout the process.

Vendor On-Boarding

Particular attention is paid to the on-boarding of existing and new vendors during any change management program. Delays in communication of change, to all relevant parties in the chain, are a common cause of time slippage or service failure. Uniserve ensure that once contact can be made, our account management resources at origin follow up with all vendors to ensure compliance and understanding of the change.

This is followed by vendor seminars held at origin prior to going live, to review standard operating procedures, local commercials, and any data or visibility requirements. Individual sessions are also held with large volume or key risk vendors, or upon any vendor’s individual request.


The risks associated with change are always minimized when all parties involve resource from relevant areas of the business, consideration should not just be given to Vendors and supply chain teams, but also to buying and merchandising, distribution, finance and IT.

We firmly believe in the same individuals from implementation continuing on to form the core of the account management team. This ensures that the knowledge gained during the process will be kept will be maintained.