Our International Logistics Solutions

The Uniserve Global Network

Uniserve recognise that origin services and the logistics platforms that they operate in are fundamentally key to delivering a competitive international supply chain. We operate a network that spans the globe with the capabilities to meet the needs of today’s retailers and importers. We believe that local presence and knowledge is invaluable, therefore we have developed an operational network with in excess of 150 worldwide locations. These have been established through exclusive partnership agreements, equity holdings or joint ventures.

Our partners and global colleagues share both our values and our One World platform. We have diligently chosen to do business with each of them because of their strength in their local market and their commitment to service. As importantly, is the same belief in the below guiding principles:

Service to customers – we ensure that our capability and capacity is aligned with our customers’ existing and future needs

Operating for less, delivering more – we ensure that we understand the key drivers of offshore operating costs to deliver a true competitive advantage to customers

Doing well by doing good – we ensure the development and enforcement of ethical, environmental and security standards to protect the health and welfare of all our colleagues

Driving sustainable value – we ensure we unlock value for customers by continuous focus on innovation, operational excellence, efficiency, and global trade opportunities

Our Capabilities

In line with our ‘service to our customers’ principal, Uniserve have developed a range of general forwarding and physical value added solutions within our global network, this allows us to deliver a truly integrated global distribution network.

Consolidation Services

Uniserve operate consolidation facilities at all global ports that we serve.  Our origin partner provides management representation under the banner of Uniserve to ensure that all services delivered are of the highest level and to the individual customers SOP specification.

Our consolidation programmes are aligned to customers in order to give optimal performance for their supply chains. We offer buyers own consolidations and 20ft usage elimination through to origin-port split and multiple DC consolidation, as well as multi-country consolidation.

Using our One-World e-platform means buyers consolidations are much easier.  Not only does One World provide early visibility of the PO, but integrated into the platform is our load planning software that constantly assesses each PO and it’s availability, based on vendor’s feedback. The software determines the most cost effective way of loading the buyer’s consolidation, balancing container utilisation and cost versus the product availability at destination.

One World also offers an easy to use cost calculator to assist buyers when deciding the route to market. This is a standalone calculator that provides comparison for landed cost purposes, but can also be used integrated into the wider process. Estimates can be measured against actuals once the purchase order has been delivered.

We have been able to deliver buyers consolidation solutions to a large number of our clients, which have resulted in a streamlined, more efficient, supply chain, and allowed for significant cost savings. After implementation this can be managed simply through our One World platform.

Sharing the benefit of efficient consolidation operations

Traditional origin CFS operations are inherently inefficient due to the nature of their operating parameters. Typically vessel departures from the nearest origin port are clustered together around a few specific days, which determines the last closing date available to the vendor base. Inevitably, to allow slack within their production schedules, most vendors choose to deliver their cargo on, or just before, this closing date.

This often results in the receiving warehouse experiencing a period prior to the CFS closing date where very little cargo is delivered and then a significant peak as suppliers wait deliver at the last moment.

The fixed CFS operating costs remain the same regardless of whether the space is being utilised or not, and because of peak demand, labour costs rise during this period. Some labour matching is possible through forecasting and booking date, however because the traditional approach allows the supplier to deliver as and when during the receiving window, often earlier pre-booked slots are missed and cargo arrives late. This results in wasted labour.

From recent studies, on average over 75% of cargo is received either on, or one day prior to CFS closing dates. On average, over 40% of pre-booked slots are missed by vendors who then proceed to deliver at the end of the receiving window. This inefficiency has to be priced into the CFS operations.

Uniserve understand that there is a better way. In conjunction with its customers, we seek to smooth the flow of the stock into the CFS through the means of a fixed vendor booking system. Vendors who do not adhere to their weekly booking slot face non-compliance penalties.

This demand smoothing allows a number of benefits, not least better utilisation of space, but also more accurate labour and asset usage planning. It also ensures that the demands on the shipping lines for container equipment deliveries are also lessened, supporting their operations.

We work with customers and their vendors to review and implement CFS fixed booking-In systems administered through One World. Often we are able to share the gains from this efficiency with the customer through rebates  or a reduction in origin FOB charges to your supplier base.