Leading the Retail Supply Chain

Uniserve & Retail 

Retail supply chain leaders appreciate that in order to remain competitive, they need to remain focused on meeting the needs of their consumers. The objective of today’s supply chain is simple; provide a high level of service with a superior consumer experience at every opportunity, while reducing time to market, trimming costs, and optimising stock holding.

At Uniserve we understand the retail supply chain. We are the UK’s largest independent logistics and global trade management provider. We offer an extensive worldwide network to a large customer base of retail clients. We provide the experience and expertise to deliver cutting edge, retail orientated, freight management solutions. This enables our customers to satisfy what their consumers demand; a supply chain built around them.

Uniserve offer global reach, operational agility, and a passion for improvement, which means we are continually innovating on behalf of our retailer client base. We work diligently to overcome and remove the obstacles associated with freight management, by being solution driven. This, along with cost reduction programs enabled by major group procurement, means our customers are able to leverage their international supply chain as a competitive advantage.

How Uniserve Differentiate

Uniserve understand that a properly leveraged international supply chain is a competitive advantage for any retailer. Our unique approach is to integrate the physical movement of product with the associated working capital and cash flow. This means that for the first time, retail customers can benefit from an approach that encompasses all aspects of the chain, not just the movement of the freight.

It is because of this unique outlook, that we are best placed to support retailers with solutions that deliver what is needed to compete in today’s ever challenging retail environment.

Origin Value Added Solutions

Uniserve are at the forefront of re-thinking traditional, linear, supply chains. We support many of the leading UK retailers by implementing properly devised, and executed, origin value added services. All within the context of wider freight management and supply chain development programmes.

These services consist of both physical, and non-physical, vendor management activities and can be either implemented individually, or as a combination to suit our customer’s needs.

To better serve retailers, Uniserve has also developed many complementary services at origin. These can be used in conjunction with other origin programs or on a stand alone basis.

These include:

  • International hubs & franchise operations
  • Shipment & Shelf Packaging optimisation
  • Electronic interfaces with WMS; ASN & SSCC label generation
  • Barcoding
  • Kitting & Co-Pack
  • Price and swing tag ticketing & labelling
  • Hard & soft security tagging
  • AQL & Full QC inspection / re-work
  • Origin Pick / DTS / DC Bypass
  • RFID tagging
  • Sample Management
  • Range of storage options

Origin Vendor Management

We understand that an active and supportive vendor management programme is one of the fundamentals to delivering a cost efficient, flexible, and consumer driven international supply chain.

Because of this, we have developed specific programmes that are tailored to the individual customer. These all have the aim of ensuring that the vendor becomes a key participant, appreciating what the effect of their actions mean to the end consumer, and not just seeing themselves as the manufacturer of the product who’s job finishes once it leaves the factory.

Our programmes are underpinned by our One World platform, which connects all participants within the supply chain.

We aim to exceed the vendor management/liaison requirement outlined in the ITT, through the support of our Overseas management team and our administration office in Tianjin.

Activities that we traditionally perform include:

  • New vendor orientation o New vendor training
  • Distribution of SOP and associated documentation
  • Collection of upstream supply chain event data such as progress &
    ex-factory date check
  • Publication of vendor performance data to the customer


Vendor Helpdesk

Our help-desk operates as the customer’s local representation but offshore. The focus is on getting the supply chain inputs right while product is being purchased, and before it ships, so that they become more effective.

They are available for vendors to contact and resolve queries, questions, or ask advice locally, rather than having to continuously contact the buyer or merchandiser at destination.

Acting as an extension of the customers supply chain function, the helpdesk operates on a 1st and 2nd line support bases, supporting the product item set ups, dimensions, logistics packaging, and providing advice locally. This ensures that the vendor is fully aware of the product’s route to market into the UK supply chain.

The following are examples of activities from our helpdesks :

  • Verification of product item set up – dimensions and weights – with Vendors
  • Analysis of data as required to support vendor drive cube utilisation
  • Providing guidance to vendors to any UK compliance requirements
  • Highlighting any heavy/awkward product lines to UK supply chain team prior to production
  • Verification of item set up against flow rules
  • Review of all buying against flow rules and highlighting any issues
  • Review of individual product lines and highlighting opportunities to improve logistics packaging and container fill
  • The checking of product samples versus agreed
  • Supporting vendors with education, or arranging demonstrations of any new packaging, slip sheets or container fill methodology


Our help-desk approach leads to significant benefits and returns on investment for the customer. Product detail, and it’s related data, is correct before it ships, eradicating delays at destination, and relieving much of the labour intensive administration associated with offshore vendor management.

Vendor production integrity is also protected. Any solutions, or advice required, is provided locally and immediately, rather than waiting for the response from destination.